Burgertime is beloved for its unique food theme and eye-catchng cabinet. You play as chef Peter Pepper as he tries to make burgers. But as every chef knows, there are many obstacles to making the perfect burger. Mainly being chased by Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg. And the realism doesn't end there- in order to drop the various components onto the burger, you walk over them. That's right- walk all over your food with those dirty shoes. Play this game today before it gets shut down by the Health Department!


Burgertime has more of a setup than a fully fleshed-out story. You build burgers while avoiding evil anthropomorphic ingredients. Pretty simple, but this game is surprisingly tough given its whimsical theme. Burgertime led to the lesser-known spinoff Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory and unreleased Pizzatime. Peter Pepper is an iconic character who has appeared in the retro-themed movies Pixels and Wreck-it-Ralph.

Tips & Strategies

You can stun enemies with pepper, but this attack is limited (see number in the top right). Save that pepper for real emergencies!

The BEST way to attack enemies is to get them to follow you onto a burger ingredient, then walk across it. This drops the ingredient (and enemy) all the way down instead of just one level. This will also help you make those burgers much faster.

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