This was the second-ever Simpsons game (after Bart vs. the Space Mutants for the NES), but the first that really got it right. You can play as Marge, Homer, Bart or Lisa, and the signature Simpsons humor is present throughout the game. With memorable gameplay and cameos by tons of different characters in the Simpsons world, this is truly one of the most iconic beat-em-up games from the early 90s.


The Simpsons happen to be walking near a jewelry store that Smithers just robbed. The giant diamond is knocked out of Smithers' hands and lands in Maggie's mouth. Smithers simply kidnaps Maggie, and it is up to the Simpsons clan to retrieve her. Battle Mr. Burns' goons and use pickups left to you by some of the Simpsons' friends as you make your way back to Maggie.

Tips & Strategies

If two players stay still near each other, they will team up for a powerful duo attack.

In the cemetary, zombies rising from the ground do a quick Thriller dance.

So meta- I love the ad for the Simpsons arcade game in the arcade featured in the Simspons arcade game. Simp-ception!

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