Tron is a classic game based on a movie with a cult following. Bally Midway went the minigame route they specialized in with games such as Gorf and Journey. This game was intended to feature the discs that became the foundation of the sequel- Discs of Tron. The varied gameplay combined with Disney marketing and awesome cabinet art makes Tron a very memorable game.


Tron follows the same themes as the original movie, and you play a series of minigames to advance through the game. You do not progress to the next level until you beat all four minigames. The minigames are (in approximate order of fun): Light Cycles, Tanks, MCP Cone, and Grid Bugs. Tron is also well-known for its awesome cabinet graphics and tough controls. The cabinet is lit up by blacklight, which makes the translucent joystick and grid lines glow in a nice dark arcade.

Tips & Strategies

Light Cycles- make sort of a question mark shape to trap the enemy, and wait for them to crash.

Tanks- work the corners and shoot (even off walls) to clear out all enemies. You can try entering the center too.

MCP Cone- try to clear all the bricks before entering the cone for bonus points.

Grid Bugs- this minigame is based on speed- clear a path and run.

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