The original Flappy Birds, Joust was conceived as a flying game that was not based on spaceships. An ostrich and stork became the players' birds of choice, battling mounted knights, lava trolls, and an evil vulture. Its amazing how much detail was crammed into the visuals, especially since the color palette was limited to 16 colors.


You are a knight riding his trusty ostrich (?!) to battle knights and a variety of fantasy-themed enemies. A second player can enter battle riding a stork (?!), and you can play cooperatively to defeat the enemies together. In fact, you earn a bonus if you avoid killing each other. Joust is a true classic, and the mix of cooperative/competitive play makes it perfect to play with a friend.

Tips & Strategies

To win clashes, you have to be slightly above your enemy. Then collect the eggs before they hatch into tougher enemies.

There is a 'belly flop' bug that allows you to sneak through a small gap and attack enemies from above.

Joust is prominently featured in the book/upcoming film Ready Player One.

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